Fresh seafood, award winning chowder and fish sandwiches.

Serving our community for over 20 years! 

Family owned and operated.

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Lean in Chowder Fans...

Lean in, Chowder Fans….we have a bit of news…
     To all who have dined on The Chowder Line, followed us or come across the bridge to our little dive, THANK YOU. Really, thank you so much. It’s been a great run that we’ve had here, and sometimes over the past few years, we’ve been so busy with work that we barely had the time to reflect on what we’ve done and where we’ve been. BUT, we did it, you did it with us, and it’s always been our pleasure! So now, we’re moving on. Chowder Ted’s has been sold. (Insert smile here, lift your glass, and hold on to your spoons)!  You know, it’s always bittersweet when a favorite spot decides to sell. You’re excited for their future and next adventure, but a little sad to lose your day-today chats, smells, stories, eats, and even Ted’s corny jokes.
     22 years ago we started Chowder Ted’s. What an exciting ride it’s been. And when Ted and his brother Tony opened Chowder Ted’s in 1996, serving breakfast and lunch, WHO would have thought…, who would have thought?!!  But ever since then, we’ve become a Northside staple; a destination; and a family. Along with our addicting chowder recipe, wonky serving pots and Ted’s charming personality (insert snarky grin), we’ve built many relationships and a rewarding life. Remember the Low Country Boil? Remember Ted’s BBQ Beef Sandwich? What about the Hoagie?  Oh, and Miller Lite ON DRAFT? Chowder Ted’s has afforded us the privilege of providing for our family, pretty cool creativity in the kitchen, busy hands, hard work, wonderful people, and bringing it all together with food and a smile.  It’ll be tough on us and our loyal customer base to say good-bye, as we’ve all come to rely on these friendships, a few small tables and even a cold beer to gather together. You’ve challenged our abilities, carried us through cancer, kids, too many glitches to count sometimes, and even recently, TWO hurricanes and even a new chalkboard menu! Thank you for teaching us to trust your love of food and your hunger.
     So, two decades of love and deliciousness and a reservoir of fun! We can smile today because it’s been a joyous journey and we’re responding with our faces to the truth that we’ve truly been blessed. Thank you for filling us up, and we bid you farewell – only for now – as Ted has a few ideas up his apron and even a new chalkboard!
      In the meantime, Chowder Fans – spoons up – try to miss us a little – love each other – be patient with each other – gather together – pray – be intentional – look for blessings and silver linings - make memories along the way…see you’s soon!

You don't say...

Local Love

Soooo....they joke here about many things...But, here's the scoop:

Get the special. Try the Chowder. House made Pimento cheese spread with candied jalapenos... Is. The. Bomb! 

The new Friday menu takes Ted's to a new level. Rotating options and groovy flavors! Small tables means 5 or less. Relax and enjoy a cold one.

Don't expect anything fancy, but expect an excellent "hole in the wall" experience.  Cash only!


  • Our first time back since hurricane Matthew. I don't know why we waited so long! The Friday night specials were absolutely delicious. 

They deserve 10 stars out of 5! Excellent chowder, fabulous scallop ceviche. Beautiful work on whatever the fresh catch is each week. Best seat in this small house is at the bar where you can watch Ted and his crew work and be close to their fine selection of regional tap beers. Four trips here, ALL topnotch experiences. Don't forget to bring cash!

Local Love

Blackened mahi sandwich and a 1/2 pot of the best chowder you will ever find. Go ahead and grab that handle to polish off the juice...everyone else does!


 Stopped on a whim and wow! Simple, fresh, fantastic. Charming location. Great service. Cold Beer. Chowder was amazing. Keep doing what you're doing Ted!   

Limited tables, good service, fantastic food, local beer.... You just gotta GO!

But back to the ahi....seared to a delicate crisp on the outside, preserving the texture and taste of the tuna. A flourish of a wasabi sauce complimented the fish and the ginger spring salad upon which it was nestled, flanked by a beefy red tomato slice. 

The special of Saturday night was pretty effing special.

Ted NEVER disappoints! Get over there for the new Friday-Thing they're doing! Awesome stuff.

Local Love

Don't over think this- just do it. Arrive early and bring cash. Love it. The world needs more Chowder Ted's!


Not much seating, so don't take the whole gang!! Leave some spots for the rest of us. Food is fantastic, ~ atmosphere is fun, beer is local and cold and I ALWAYS order the special!

I had the Chowder and the special (Snapper Sandwich) loved it! A few good things to know: they only take CASH; they serve local beer on tap; they close pretty early; NO KIDS' MENU; best suited for parties of four or LESS..

Best grouper sandwich in the world.


Unconventional in every way, great chowder.”

Limited tables, good service, fantastic food, local beer.

Small, but worth the wait! Friday Specials are Tedtastic! Wait till you try that Pimento Cheese and candied jalapenos! Or was the Ceviche the best?

Local Love

  • Don't try to make a reservation. Check your attitude at the door. Cool little dive with cool people and a small menu. Go for the special...order a half pot to-go. You'll see.

Overheard someone ask for lemonade and chicken fingers for their kiddos...ha! NO way... This is the real deal. Daily specials, everything prepared to order, and Ted's Chowder. Love this guy!!

Try that chowder! That's the ticket! Bring your cash, because they don't take cards. And service with a smile for groups less than 6, due to small tables and long wait.

Local Love

  • Make sure you find Chowder Ted's.   Tiny spot, packed with people, small menu but enough on it to satisfy anyone. Don't bring a group, but above all, try the chowder, well worth it.  Everyone always says, bring cash.  they don't have an ATM (didn't see one there) and they don't take cards.

Although the menu isn't very extensive, what they offered look quite pleasing. I decided on the Cajun shrimp sandwich, my friend ordered the tuna sandwich and we split a 1/2 pot of Ted's Chowder. Everything was extremely tasty.

You're gonna LOVE what they've done on Fridays for dinner! New menu options...creative, tasty, fresh and service with a smile! "Friday Specials Menu"'s yours to LOVE!

Great service and great food!!!! We ordered U Peel Shrimp, Crab cake on greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing, Blackened Mahi, and Fried shrimp. All of it was FANTASTIC! Cafe style! 

Don't be fooled by the bait shop appearance! This place is awesome! By the time we left (noonish), the place was packed and people were waiting for tables! Obviously, this is the local go to place!

Ted and Carole have been at it for 20 years! Great little dive. Always get the Chowder and the Special. You can't go wrong. Ever. HEY • check this out. kids menu.haha And small tables. So no big parties. Leave your cousins' cousin at home, because the rest of us want a seat.

Food Love ~~ Happy Camper ~~ Chowder is great Summer and Winter ~~ give Ted a wave when you come in~~ Can't wait til Wednesday when it's Fresh Blackened Tuna day!!

Serving our community for over 20 years! Family owned and operated. Fresh seafood, award winning Chowder and a splash of Ted's sauce makes the day great!

Is it Ted's good looks or his charming personality?

A destination location since 1996...

Daily and weekend Lunch and Dinner Specials!

New Friday hours: lunch is served from 11 to 3:00, then we re-open at 5:00. Check our announcements below for our new Friday Chalkboard dinner menu. A Destination location since 1996! Join us for lunch & dinner! Fresh seafood, award winning chowder and fish sandwiches and don't forget Ted's famous sauce! Daily and weekend lunch and dinner specials. Smiles, everyone! Smiles! Cash only, please. Please check this spot for daily specials... Holiday closings...and our occasional vay-cay times... 

Everyone needs that little shack by the water....luckily that place is Chowder Ted's!'s all good; just eat it!

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